Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Dorm Wish List

Wondering what I hope to buy for my room in my sorority house this upcoming fall? Well, prepare to be excited! Because here it is. As a junior (!!!!), I already have most of the dorm room staples. You know, things like laundry bags, basic bedding, shower caddy, and all those important items.

However, I think every student should freshen up their campus collection every year. You don't need to break the bank or redo everything (unless you have the money and want to), but I think it's definitely more fun and exciting to get some new things. Subtle changes in your dorm room year to year are so easy and be extremely affordable. From making your own art, buying simply new sheets or towels, or new frames! So easy! Here are some things that I am personally drooling over, and hoping to add to my room this fall!

First, I would love to have some new sheets, hopefully these CUTE organic zebra ones from Pottery Barn Teen.

Aren't they so much fun? Actually it looks like they are brand new to PB Teen. They used to have a smaller, more subtle (is zebra ever really subtle, though?) pattern, but just checking into their site right now, it looks like these are it. But they are really cute, I must admit.

You can never have enough storage in college, and that's just one reason why I have my eye on PB Teen's dottie bins (medium size in black haha). I'm planning on filling them up with my lotions and body sprays (I know as girls we LOVE to show off our bottles of products, but seriously, if you hide them away it instantly makes you room look so much CLEANER and way more organized), as well as some DVDs.

Although I do really like these chevron fabric bins from Etsy. I'm so confused between the chevron and dottie ones...

What would you choose? I'd love some opinions?

In other areas, I definitely want some interesting wall art.

I think having my monogram on the wall as a headboard is such a cute idea. It would add so much interest and add a touch of flair that isn't often found in dorm rooms. Plus, it's so darn cute!!

I acutally have never used wall decals before, but this year I feel like experimenting a little with that monogram and with some of these cute little frames!

I hope to make a little collage out of these adorable little frames (while displaying pictures of my dog, guinea pigs, mom, sorority, and my boyfriend). Aren't they so cute! Eight come in a pack for $20, and some are actually quite sizable! You can find them at Dormify, Decor 2 Ur Door, and even at your local Bed Bath and Beyond!

So what do you guys think? Any dorm decor you have your eyes on these days?

Thanks for reading!

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