Monday, July 16, 2012

It Came!!!!

My Lilly Pulitzer agenda, that is! It came and I'm so excited!

See, there's me excitedly hugging it! And I am completely in love with it.

In case you are wondering which one I got, it's the new soft cover version in Multi Floral Punch. I love the colors and all the flowers. It's so girly and pretty and just makes me want to go to school!

There is so much about the planner that I already love, but I think the pages that show the month, with the little sayings are by far my favorite! Here are some of the months that I think are the cutest:


It is the month of my birthday after all! And the whole cheers theme is perfect since this year is my 21st birthday. It reads (in case you didn't whip out your magnifying glass to read it): "Cheers to never saying goodbye to summer." Awww!


Words cannot describe how much I love the pumpkins for October. And I know there's no way you can see it, but there's a tiny little mouse right in the middle. Adorable. The saying is: "Pick me! I'm the prettiest pumpkin in the patch."


The floral is so pretty, I can't even describe it. I'm gonna have a fun first semester with all these cute prints. It says: "Buy me presents...Pretty please!"


February just makes me so happy! I absolutely love the hearts with chocolate and the little envelope!! Awwwwww, so sweet! Of course, the saying is just as sweet: "Chocolate covered anything, please."


I love the Lilly roses, to say the least. And I've already said the little saying outloud like five times because it's so fun. "Hooray, hooray it's the first of May... Outdoor parties can start today!" While I'm sure this is correct for many places in the country, I know it's not very true of Colorado, but whatever! (If this were Colorado themed it would have bitter cold wind and a snowman, honestly...not that cute. At least not in May).


Finally, just look at July. If this doesn't make you long for the 4th of July, I don't know what will. "Lilly in the sky with diamonds."

I can't wait for school to start to use my planner. Not only is it great for scholarly purposes, it's so freaking adorable!! I'm 100% sure I made the right decision when it came to Lilly vs. Vera this year. And who knows? Maybe I'm forever gonna be a Lilly agenda convert....

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