Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five For Friday

It’s the Friday before Christmas! I still am so little kid like around Christmas. You could probably tell from the massive amounts of Christmas things that have bombarded my daily life.

1.    Christmas music never grows to bore me. I could listen to it all year. Particularly the Christmas Song. Love it!

2.   Um, have I mentioned my Christmas pillows? Oh I did? Three other times? Well, how about a fourth? I love them, and may even be teary when they have to hibernate here in a week or so.

3.   Getting to see my boyfriend. Christmas without him is tough. But I plan on spending the two days I have with him packed full of Christmas stuff. Christmas movies, gingerbread men baking, Christmas light looking, and maybe even a picture with Santa?

4.   Christmas lights brighten my spirit so much. When people start putting them away, it makes me so sad, so I’ve been making an effort to enjoy this week looking at them!

5.   Twisted Peppermint is my new favorite Christmas scent. Hands down. It’s in my car, my room, and my shower, and I still can’t get enough. 
What things have brightened your week?

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