Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Review of Sigma Brushes

So I’ve had my Sigma brushes for almost three months now, and I’ve failed to write a review. I’ll claim it’s because I wanted a very descriptive review, one that looks more long term than first impressions. However, it’s really because I just haven’t had time.

But here we go.

Over the summer, I couldn’t decide what route to go with my brushes. I was particularly stuck between finishing out my MAC collection or starting with Sigma. I have three MAC brushes, all of which I will say have pretty good quality (217, 239, and 168). But I still wasn’t sold on spending over $50 on a face brush. So for my birthday I asked for the Sigma Mr. Bunny travel brush set. How did I choose this set?

-Synthetic brush bristles (this means a few things: they are cruelty free/vegan friendly, this was HUGE for me), dry faster, and are safe to use with cream products like my Painterly Paint Pot from MAC.

-A 7 brush set. Having a brush set was pretty appealing to me. Plus, all 7 are brushes that I could see myself using.

-Price. At the time they were $59 (I also used a 10% off discount code too, so it basically had free shipping). Now they are $65.

-Came with a solid case.

-I heard reviews saying the Mr. and Mrs. Bunny brushes were usually better quality when compared to the normal brushes.

All those things weighed really heavily in my mind. And that’s why I went that way.

The kit includes seven brushes:

E30 - Pencil

E40 - Tapered Blending

E55 - Eye Shading

E65 - Small Angle

F30 - Large Powder

F40 - Large Angled Contour

F60 – Foundation

I was particularly excited about the F30 brush, since at that point I was just using an ELF $3 brush.

My Thoughts
The brushes surprised me pleasantly. They are so soft. They haven’t shed one single hair. I haven’t had any problems with the ferules like I have with my MAC 239 or my ELF eye shader. They wash and dry well. They are great for the price. Would I say they are at the same level/better than my three MAC brushes? No. But then, they aren’t MAC’s price point either. I’d say they should be compared more to Sephora’s or Sonia Kashuck’s. And I like them better than my Sonia Kashuck ones.

My favorite brush is the F30 Large Powder brush. My MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural applies so well, that I’ve stopped using BB Cream altogether, and I still have the same coverage. My second favorite is the E55, eye shader. It packs on color to the lid so well. It’s fantastic and surpassed my expectations.

My least favorite brush is the E40. I have small creases, so the largeness of this brush is not for me (neither is the MAC 224). I like my 217 and still use that instead, however, I do use the E40 for blending and softening color when I apply too much to my crease.

I have yet to use the F60, E30, and E65. I don’t use liquid foundation, and I use my Revlon Brow Fantasy and a mechanical pencil liner, so these brushes aren’t super necessary, although they are nice to have just in case I ever want to venture into different products.

I also wanted to add my thoughts about the large angled brush, the F40, since I own the MAC version. At first I really liked using the F40 just because it was part of the set. However, the MAC version is just so much easier to use, mostly because the bristles are shorter, and the brush is more densely packed. Does it make the Sigma brush bad? No. I just prefer to use the MAC one.

Would I buy them again? Yes. I would buy it just for the F30 and the carrying storage case. They are worth the price (even the $6 more expensive price). And are great for someone that wants nice brushes, but not the ridiculous MAC prices.

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