Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I Got For Christmas

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a holly jolly Christmas! I also hope that you got things that you are excited about and had a great time with your family.
I had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas, and I was thinking it would be fun to show you the things that I got for Christmas. I'm always curious to see what other people got. So this might be a tad of a long post, so bear with me. I'll start with some stocking stuffers that I recieved.
 On the left above I got some Ghiradhelli Peppermint Bark, which is so yummy. I also got some chocolate gold coins, which have been a favorite of mine since I was little.
 I recieved two cute key toppers. One is a ladybug and the other is a cupcake! They came from Target and I love them! I also got some bows for my hair (perfect for pulling my bangs out of my eyes), and some holiday Soft Lips (raspberry and sugar cookie!).

 Now are two monogrammed things I recieved. On the left is a really cute new phone case. It's an Otterbox that has been personalized with navy and white stripes, with a red circle monogram in the center. I love it so much! And it's much better quality than my other cases I've used. It was a total surprise because I was expecting a Kate Spade one.

The item on the right is the monogrammed necklace that I was drooling over in my Winterlicious post. I got it. It's perfect. It's 1.25 inch silver from this etsy shop. It's so affordable and seems great quality too!

Going into more beauty related products, I heard about It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product on Youtube. Since I've started curling my hair frequently, I thought my hair could use a leave-in product that protects it against heat and styling. So I'm hoping it works as good as things I've heard said.
I got the new Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara, which I have been dying to try. I've heard really good things about it, and I'm interested to see if it's better than my Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara.
 This is something that I've been really eyeing. It's one of the Starbucks Christmas tumblers with a fox on it. I love it. It's the tall size (the other two sizes were snatched up fast), so it's perfect for water beside my bed at night).
Here of course is the Naked 2 palette. I've been waiting to get it forever. I wasn't actually planning on getting it, but my mom surprised me! I've already been watching tutorials on looks from it.


Next up was a huge surprise. I had been wanting the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume since my birthday, but it was so expensive! Well, my mom surprised me with buying me the 1.7 oz., which is so much bigger than I expected it being! I love the packaging so much and the bottle is too cute for words.

Here are some Vera Bradley items I had been wanting really bad. The wallet is the clutch wallet in Island Blooms (this style is one they are discontinuing, and I love it! My old wallet is the same, just Happy Snails, so I wanted another too before it disappears!). I always got the Happy Snails hipster, which my mom scored for only $30 on Cyber Monday. I love Happy Snails, and being the hoarder I am, I'm trying to collect as much as I can afford in it before it too is officially retired.
And of course, what is Christmas without new jammies? These reindeer pajama pants on the right are from Old Navy and I love love love them!

 They are so cute and festive and warm! Next up are some bath items, both from Ulta. I love the packing of the Christmas Cookie 3-1 shower gel. Isn't it adorable? The smell is heavenly too. So sweet and yummy! And I also recieved this fuzzy dottie bathroom my mom got for free from Ulta. It will come in handy definitely up at college.
And of course, I was so delighted to see this Lilly Pulitzer wall calendar on Christmas morning! Every year I like to get a calendar for my room at home, and this will be perfect! The pages are just like the agenda, and they are too cute for words. I cannot wait for February, that's for sure, because that page makes me so darn happy!

Now getting into some of the clothes I got. Above I got this thick, warm navy blue sweater. It's sort of a cable knit and it will be really cute layered with a warm scarf.

 And on here I got this plaid flannel shirt from Target. It's really cute and soft!

I also reieved this red cable knit sweater, that is so warm! I love it! Plus it has little sparkly particles in it, which is super perfect for Christmas and New Years!
 Above I recieved this dottie henley that has a ruffle down the center. I absolutely love the polka dots!

I absolutely love this American Eagle cable knit sweater! The corol color is so pretty and I really love this button detail on the sleeves.

The last clothing item I recieved was this pretty lavender-colored cardigan from Target. What I love about it, is the lace all over the front. I love lace so much!
The last item I recieved were these cute monogram decals! They are from Etsy (if you're curious just let me know and I'll put a link to the exact shop), and I think they will look really cute on a couple of notebooks for my classes next semester!
Well, that's all! I love everything I got! All of it will be really useful and fun to have! But most of all, I really just enjoyed the holiday. Even without the gifts, it would have been amazing and fun.
What things did you recieve? Was there anything Santa left out that you are hoping to score in an after Christmas deal?  

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