Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here...

With finals, projects, and just life getting in the way the past few weeks, the blog has definitely taken a backseat. I’m so sorry! But now that I’m on break, expect to see more awesome things! Like my two newest paddles that my littles made (so darn cute! Just a hint...there's some Vera Bradley and one that matches my room perfectly!), some awesome Christmas posts, and just rambling about makeup and decorating and everything I enjoy!

For now, I’ll share my newest loves! It’s these Christmas pillows from Target! I saw them in store and on Youtube and I just couldn’t take it! I decided that my room at school needed some holiday décor. And now that I’m home for break, they’re on my bed here! I’m so glad I bought them! I definitely love all three, but I think the snowflake one has a special place in my heart! 
How do you decorate your dorm for the holidays? Do you skip it altogether? Put up a tree? Lights? Stockings?

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