Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack Rant

Recently, I checked out the Vera Bradley website and saw something that literally made my stomach drop. The laptop backpack, pretty much my favorite item, is now on clearance, meaning that they are discontinuing the style.

While I might seem a tad dramatic, this really does disappoint me. Why? Because this has been such a great backpack for me. I own three, as I have discussed before, with prints in Symphony in Hue, Happy Snails, and Provencal.
It’s one Vera item that I’ve always known will be great quality, and will score me a ton of compliments. It’s both beautiful and versatile. Perfect for all ages, not just college students.

Why did they discontinue it? I’m not sure. I think it’s probably because of the release of their campus backpack and their double-zip backpack this past fall. Or it’s because they are planning a new backpack that can actually fit 17 inch laptops in it.

But I think it’s more the first reason sadly. Don’t get me wrong, those backpacks look like they can get the job done, but neither looks right for me. One is way too big and the other seems too small.

So for now, I love on mine. And maybe eventually I might spring to get an Island Blooms version on sale.

What are your thoughts? Are you as sad and angry as I am?

Edit: I recently noticed that it looks like Vera is going to re-release the laptop backpack (maybe for the Spring collection). It's shape is different, so stay tuned. I'm still going to miss this version though.

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