Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to Paint Leopard Print

Leopard print is all the rage right now. It’s on home décor, clothes, and even mascara tubes.  So for my sorority’s big appreciation day, I wanted to give my big her initial with a leopard print on it. And instead of covering it in paper, I decided to paint little leopard spots all over it. Painting is not my strong suit, but this step-step helped so much!

Step 1

I took the circle sponge brushes I had (three different sizes) and put dots all over the S.

Step 2

After they dried, I took a small paintbrush, and a dark purple color, and outlined the spots in three different patterns:

1.) I made a "C" shape around the dots
2.) I made a shape with two "C" shapes
3.) I outlined the entire spot shape

Remeber, to not be so precise! They are abstract, so play with different thickness, different shapes, and just play with it!

And there you go! It’s really that simple and really fool-proof.

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