Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Favorite Vera Bradley Items

Hey guys! So if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you will know that I love Vera Bradley. A lot. There is just something about the prints and the styles of the products that just make me happy. Some may say it’s old lady-ish or too floral or whatever, but when I look at it, I see cozy, fresh, pretty, and even young (seriously, tell me Va Va Bloom is an old lady print. It’s not.). Recently, I got to thinking about what are my favorite items I own from there. I mean, I have tons of stuff. Tons. Some hits. Some misses. But what Vera products I would repurchase again? What are the most useful? So here they are:

Laptop Backpack!
As you probably know, I have three already. I love my Vera backpacks. They are bright and cheery (always a plus when you’re going to a class you aren’t fond of), girly, classy, and so reliable. Yes, the bottoms get discolored and kind of worn. But it’s understandable considering the amount of use they get. And I definitely have my eyes on maybe another in Island Blooms…

Laundry Bag
So last Christmas I asked for this sorta on a whim. It was on sale in Mocha Rouge, and although I already have a college hamper I love, I got this anyway. Well, fast forward to this school year in my sorority’s house, and it has come in handy. I don’t always have time to do my laundry up at school this year (14 girls, 1 washer, and 1 dryer make it sort of rough), so this laundry bag has made lugging my clothes to and from school so easy! It’s so incredibly durable. And so large!

Large Duffle
This purchase was sort of just a random one. I had always admired them, but wasn't sold on one mostly because of the price. But when I found it on sale for $65 over the summer, I jumped on this one in Island Blooms. I go home a ton on weekends from college, and this duffle is the perfect thing for packing some clothes and my makeup. I have no clue what I would do without it. Plus, I think it looks really cute in Island Blooms.

Clutch Wallet
Even though this product is on its way out, it’s one that I love. I have in Happy Snails, and now Island Blooms. It is classy as a clutch, good size, and not too big for stuffing in a purse. It’s easy to get into, and even though I was worried about the kisslock, it’s been super reliable and durable.

Laptop Case
This was my very first Vera purchase. Back in high school when I received my first laptop for college, I wanted a cute case. Not one of those ugly black ones. My mom recommended Vera Bradley, which I knew a little bit about, but not a lot. Well, we were shocked by the prices. But we noticed that this print, Caffe Late, was on sale. Even though it wouldn’t be my first choice for a print, I fell in love with Vera after that. It’s been great for traveling with my laptop, and has been super durable.

I have purchased many napkins, but I’ve never used them for their intended purposes. These come in handy! I’ve used many for sorority letter shirts and for making pillows for my bed at college. They are awesome deals and ways to make your own Vera Bradley items.  

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