Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Christmas Haul

So yesterday we braved the mall to see what deals we could find. Although I didn’t look all that closely at every store we went into, some of the stuff I got was pretty good.
First, was American Eagle because I was after a scarf that would match my new navy blue sweater I got for Christmas. I know, that was pretty specific. But when I tried the sweater on, I felt like it needed just an extra winter accessory, and I don’t have any scarves (believe it not) that match navy blue. I found one too! It wasn’t on sale, but it does match my sweater really well, in addition to a couple of other sweaters I have too!

Plus while I was there, I noticed that the cable knit sweaters like the coral one I got for Christmas, were seriously marked down to just $14.99. I couldn’t believe it. The sizes are definitely picked over. Mediums and larges were completely gone, but I decided to try an extra-large, and it actually looks really good! I picked it up in this cute oatmeal/tan sort of color.

While we were there, I really wanted to check out the Semi-Annual Sale at Bath and Body Works. And I’m so glad I did. See, a few days ago I had this totally random dream about the Cinnamon Sugar Donut scented candle. Which is funny because A.) it’s a fall scent and B.) I’ve never owned this scent or really paid any sort of attention to it before my dream. So when I saw this at the store, I think I literally gasped. So I had to pick it up, especially because it was 50%. I also spotted my all-time favorite Pumpkin Cupcake candle (I love fall scents, what can I say?). So I snatched that up too.

I couldn’t resist my favorite Lemon Vanilla scented body wash and lotion either. I love that combo so much. And for $3 each, I think I may have to make a return visit after pay day.

Did you score any great deals?

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