Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry and Bright Holiday Favorites

I absolutely love the time before Christmas, with the anticipation, the festive activities, and the décor. I love it so much!

And to celebrate Christmas, I’ve been dotting my daily activities with Christmas themed details!
First, I've been loving this Holiday Eggnog candle from Target. I wouldn't say it's the strongest candle I've ever smelled, but the glow makes my room so cozy (I love to light it as I'm putting on my makeup) and it really is a sweet, cozy smell. It's only $10 for the large, so it's a great gift idea if you can't make it to Bath and Body Works or they aren't doing their 2 for $20.
The next item isn't necessarily decor, but it's a special Christmas edition that I love. It's the soft lips Jack Frosting chapstick. It smells just like baked good and feels amazing on my lips! I love holiday editions of normal items, and this was such a great buy! I'm a sucker for anything that is like baked goods.

I've talked about them twice already on the blog, but honestly, I cannot get enough of my Christmas pillows from Target. Aren't they adorable? Here they are in my room here at home (yay for Christmas break!).

I'm also a sucker for cute mugs. And this one, stole my heart. It's a reindeer with jingle bells tied in his antlers and around his neck. Isn't he so cute? I've named him Jingle Bell. I picked him up from a local floral shop, and he has been so much fun to drink my hot chocolate out of.
Finally, if you haven't made hay of the 5 for $10 scentportable deal Bath and Body Works is having, you need to go now! They are great stock stuffers for and just great to stock up on for yourself. Usually they are buy 3, get 1 free. Which usually shakes out to be about $12. So basically, you are getting 2 more items for $2 less. And I couldn't help myself. I picked up Frosty (that's what I named him), plus two Twisted Peppermint refills and two Frosted Cupcake. So right now, my car is smelling beautifully like a candy cane. I also picked up a Wallflower bulb in Twisted Peppermint! It smells like what I imagine the North Pole smelling like!

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